Since 2017: PHC French project leader Cai Yuanpei 38913YE (France-China): “On the Silk Roads: Dialogue and Interculturality of Values”.

Since 2017: Direction of thesis: Quentin Biasiolo, “L’amour chez Rousseau”, University of Lyon.

2017:Expert HCERES (French national evaluation committee for research centers) of SPHERE Laboratory.

Since 2016: Elected member of the National Council of Universities (Section 17).

Since 2011: Responsible for the Master’s degree “History of Philosophy” at ENS Lyon.

Since 2001: Member of the jury of philosophy of the entrance examination at the ENS de Lyon. Jury of the writing of common core until 2005; jury of the philosophy specialty writing (2005-2014); jury of the oral specialty philosophy since 2012.

2014-2017: French scientific leader of CAPES-COFECUB Sh 812-14 (France-Brazil), “Arts, Sciences and Philosophy in the Renaissance”.

2014-2017: Scientific Manager for the ENS Lyon of the ANR PhiCenTrav (ANR-14-CE31-0012-02), “The Work”.

2011-2015: Member of the National Council of Universities (Section 17).

2013-2014: Expert for the “Research in Paris” program of the City of Paris.

2006-2007: Secretary for the Humanities at the entrance examination of the ENS de Lyon.

: Peer-reviewer (RMM, Philosophical, Political Reasons, etc.).


Since 2017: Columnist for the online journal Délibéré. Chronicle “S’il vous manque une case …

Since 2015: Founding Member and Secretary of the Dantesque Society of France (DSF).

2010-2014: Lecturer (Master) at the European School of Image (Angoulême) on “Philosophy and comics”.

2007-2011: Weekly workshop (6h) of philosophy for people in psychic suffering, GEM “Amis de l’Atelier du non-faire”.

2007-2011: Co-organizer (with Christophe Miqueu) of the interdisciplinary seminar “Political Thought and History of Ideas”, Center for Political Research of Sciences Po, Paris (in collaboration CEVIPOF, CERPHI, Sophiapol).

2006-2009: Member of the ANR project “Oracl” (“Origin of Rationality in the Classical Age”), under the direction of André Charrak and Fabien Chareix.

1997-2009: Creation and management of the CERPHI website (UMR 5037).

1991-1999: Co-founder and member of the reading committee of the Otrante art and literature magazine (now published by Kimé, Paris).